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10000000 owners to receive sequel You Must Build a Boat free

The sequel to EightyEight Games' puzzle role-playing game 10000000, You Must Build a Boat, will be free to those who own the first game via Steam or the Humble Store by launch day, developer Luca Redwood told Polygon via email.

You Must Build a Boat began as an update for 10000000, but was expanded into a full game after it became too big. The game is currently in development for Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam, as well as Android via the Humble Store and Google Play and iOS on the App Store. According to Redwood, You Must Build a Boat will automatically appear in Steam and Humble user accounts when it is released. Redwood is unsure if the same deal is possible for iOS or Google Play, but plans to offer something similar.

"If I can't think of anything better, I'll make it free for launch day to give a chance for all the fans to get it," Redwood said.

In You Must Build a Boat, players embark on missions to recruit crew members, find artifacts and, of course, build a boat. Choices made will affect the game's dungeons, and players with save data from 10000000 can import their files to "unlock special benefits."

"[You Must Build a Boat] still has the same frantic-fast paced running and matching from 10000000," Redwood said, "but each run is preceded by a period of exploration where you come across lots of choose-your-own-adventure style choices."

A release date has not yet been announced.

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