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Gunpoint dev offers a look at stealth space game Heat Signature

Suspicious Developments, the developer behind 2D stealth game Gunpoint, released a video of its upcoming stealth space game, Heat Signature.

In Heat Signature, players will attempt to sneak up and board unsuspecting ships. In the video, creator Tom Francis tries his luck with a particularly sensitive vessel. All the game's ships and stats are randomly generated, making each one a different challenge. Once inside a ship, brute force is still not the best plan.

"If a gunshot goes off on board a ship, they will seal off the cockpit," Francis said. "...You won't want to fire a gun until you absolutely have to. "

A release date for Heat Signature has not yet been announced. Those interested in receiving updates about the game or joining future testing can sign up for Suspicious Developments' mailing list. For more on the developer's previous game, check out our review.

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