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Thief goes gold, new trailer gives the 101 on Garrett's arsenal

Square Enix shared a new trailer for its upcoming stealth adventure Thief today, detailing how Eidos Montreal's reboot takes advantage of Sony's PlayStation 4 hardware.

The video above shows how players can slink through the shadows to traverse the corrupt City. A bevy of specialized arrows are at players disposal — from fire and water arrows to blunted arrowheads designed to catch guards' attention — as well as Garrett's blackjack and silent prowling skills.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, producer Stephane Roy wrote that the game has gone gold — meaning it's ready to ship. He noted that fans of the original Thief games will feel at home in the reboot, but it won't be difficult for series newcomers to jump right in.

"Fans of the original Thief will be relieved to find the ingredients that made it one of the most respected franchises in the industry," Roy wrote. "The game doesn't take gamers for idiots, it's far from easy, and you can complete it without killing a single enemy or even being seen. But it is not only designed with long-time fans of the series in mind.

"We respect players," he added. "I know it sounds like empty pandering, but we really do take it to heart. We've given you a huge amount of options to customize your experience to enable you to play exactly as you prefer. You want the most complete immersion possible? We let you remove any clutter from the screen: the interface, the reticle, any visual indicator that isn't part of the game world."

Thief will launch for PS4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC on Feb. 25 in North America and Feb. 28 in Europe.

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