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The Old Republic's 2014 roadmap includes two expansions

Developer BioWare's 2014 roadmap for Star Wars: The Old Republic includes two expansions to the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Senior Producer Bruce Maclean revealed in an article today on the game's official site.

The first update, 2.6 Galactic Starfighter, rolled out today and brought space battles to the MMORPG. Update 2.7 will follow on or about April 8 and bring two new Flashpoints and update 2.8 will follow around June 10 with new shops for Galactic Starfighter. The posted "dates are subject to change," Maclean notes.

"Expect to see two digital expansions in 2014 just like you did last year," he writes, "with one similar to Galactic Starfighter in scope and one more closely resembling Rise of the Hutt Cartel."

BioWare will also switch from a two-week to a three-week cycle between "minor patches" and a nine-week cycle for major content updates, which he said will offer the "benefit of catching pesky bugs and improving quality."

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