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Civilization 5: The Complete Edition launches today

Sid Meier's Civilization 5: The Complete Edition, which includes the game itself and all previously released add-ons for $49.99, is now available digitally on Windows PC, publisher 2K Games announced today.

The Complete Edition will also be available at retail this week, and will be released internationally on Feb. 7. The bundle comes with the two expansion packs that developer Firaxis Games has put out — Gods & Kings and Brave New World — and an updated scenario, "Conquest of the New World Deluxe."

This version expands upon the original scenario with additional civilizations, a larger policy and tech tree, a new Victory Point system and more. Set in 1492, the year Columbus sailed the ocean blue, the scenario asks players to take the role of a European power searching for a westward route to the Far East. Conquest of the New World Deluxe requires Brave New World to play, so it will be available free to players who already own the expansion, and it will be included in the expansion from now on.

Here are the rest of the add-ons in the Complete Edition:

  • Civilization Pack: Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar II)
  • Cradle of Civilization - Americas Map
  • Cradle of Civilization - Asia Map
  • Cradle of Civilization - Mediterranean Map
  • Cradle of Civilization - Mesopotamia Map
  • Double Civilization and Scenario Pack: Spain and Inca
  • Explorer's Map Pack
  • Civilization and Scenario Pack: Polynesia
  • Civilization and Scenario Pack: Denmark - The Vikings
  • Civilization and Scenario Pack: Korea
  • Wonders of the Ancient World Scenario Pack
  • Scrambled Continents Map Pack
  • Scrambled Nations Map Pack

Civilization 5 was originally released in September 2010.

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