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Rust - Overview video

It really doesn't matter how kind and forgiving a person you may be — when you're playing Rust, you're playing The Most Dangerous Game.

It's a difficult game to describe — and not because its core mechanics, which blend DayZ's survivalism with Minecraft's resource collection and crafting, are especially complicated. It's because no matter how you talk about Rust, it never sounds like much fun. "Oh, yeah, I collected wood and stones for an hour, made a bow, killed a deer, and then someone shot me with a hunting rifle, and I started from scratch."

Yes, that sounds terrific. I'll take two.

The true joys of Rust are found in its unexpected, emergent moments of interaction with its deadly world and deadlier humans. For example, this Overview video started off with Justin and I trying to showcase the basics of survival when starting a new life in Rust; which was going really well, until we stared into the mouth of madness and became the monster we feared so much.

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