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'90s Arcade Racer dev aiming for mid-2014 release on Wii U

Development on the Wii U version of '90s Arcade Racer is "moving along well," according to developers Antonis Pelekanos and Nicalis, who expect the game to be available in "mid-2014," they said in a blog post yesterday.

'90s Arcade Racer began as a Kickstarter project from Athens, Greece-based Pelekanos a year ago, and Nicalis came on board during the Kickstarter campaign. The Santa Ana, Calif.-based studio is providing assistance with programming in the Unity engine, as well as design, production, physics and tuning.

According to Pelekanos and Nicalis founder Tyrone Rodriguez, bringing '90s Arcade Racer from Windows PC to Wii U has been relatively straightforward, although the process "hasn't been without [its] fair share of challenges." In particular, they said that "some things that worked on PC couldn't be ported exactly [to] Wii U without having affecting how the game performs on the Nintendo console – and probably other consoles, too."

However, Pelekanos and Nicalis noted they're "very happy with the results," since the Wii U is "very capable" of running '90s Arcade Racer at 60 frames per second in 720p resolution with anti-aliasing enabled. The developers are also working on getting the competitive element of the game up to the point they'd like it to be, which is as many as 30 cars in a race.

"It's hard to give you a solid date but mid-2014 is our goal for now," said Pelekanos and Nicalis. '90s Arcade Racer is also in development on Android, iOS, Linux and Mac.

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