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Murdered: Soul Suspect confirmed for PS4, coming in June

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Airtight Games' supernatural detective title, Murdered: Soul Suspect, will launch on PlayStation 4, Square Enix confirmed this morning.

The game was announced for Xbox One yesterday in a developer video posted by Xbox. The title is also slated to hit PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. Square Enix said in a statement that the game will be released in June.

The next-gen version of Murdered will run at 1080p and include an increased particle count as well as a "more immersive ghost world" and improved visual effects, according to a press statement.

Murdered: Soul Suspect follows detective Ronan O'Connor — murdered on the job — as he hunts down his killer and tries to escape the shadow world of Dusk, the limbo in which his spirit is trapped. Check out our impressions of the game here.