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QuadStick offers Android, PC, PS3 gaming for quadriplegics

The QuadStick, a mouth and voice-operated game controller seeking funding on Kickstarter, will allow quadriplegics to play games on Android devices, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.

By connecting to the appropriate console via a USB cable, the QuadStick allows users to play by moving their mouth, puffing, sipping or issuing verbal commands. According to the Kickstarter campaign, five working prototypes have already been built and tested with games and franchises such as BioShock, Journey, Assassins's Creed and Gran Turismo. Creator Fred Davison, who grew up with an affected family member, was inspired to create the QuadStick after learning about QuadControl, similar controllers created by Ken Yankelevitz. The two have since worked together to put together a general design for the QuadStick.

The campaign is seeking $10,000. Backers can contribute in tiers ranging from $5 to $5,000 with rewards such as a t-shirt, personalized card and a QuadStick (at the $399 level).

The QuadStick is not compatible with the Xbox 360 or Xbox One because "they use proprietary protocols to lock down access ... against third-party USB devices." The PlayStation 4 is also currently incompatible due to a lack of support for the joystick function.

For more on the QuadStick, watch the Kickstarter pitch below. Funding efforts end March 6.

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