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The Pinball Arcade developer is designing original tables

FarSight Studios, developer behind The Pinball Arcade, is currently working on designing and bringing to life its own original pinball tables, reports BBC.

According to FarSight vice president of product development Bobby King, the company is planning to produce its own tables and has been in talks with "some of the famous pinball designers from the past." King noted that video games could be a low-cost way to test out tables' popularity, with the more successful tables being adapted into physical machines.

"Those cost considerations [of the past] are irrelevant when machines are designed only to be built in the virtual world, so imagine what these guys could do if they were given carte blanche," King said. "If we made a digital table and it sold a million copies and it was feasible to build it in the real world, then I think that design would have to be of interest to a manufacturer like Stern [Pinball]."

California-based FarSight Studios has purchased the licenses to dozens of pinball tables created by two companies, Williams and Gottlieb. The digital re-creations of these tables are included in the company's Pinball Arcade suite, currently available on consoles, mobile devices, Mac and Windows PCs, as well on PlayStation Vita and Ouya. King said it "made sense" to reproduce these classic tables, and as a result a wider audience is being exposed to them.

"We are introducing classic pinball tables to people who would otherwise never get an opportunity to play them, and we are also preserving these machines and their culture," King said.

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