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Hearthstone - Overview video

Playing Hearthstone is a lot like juggling; which is to say, I am not very good at it.

It seems like a simple enough game on its surface, tasking you with using minions and spells to destroy your opponent before they do the same in return. Just below that surface, though, lies an entire china cabinet-worth of plates for players to keep spinning. Sure, the basics are easy enough to pick up, but have you mastered the concepts of board control, card synergies, aggro prevention and hand replenishment? No, seriously, have you? Can you ... explain those to me?

Polygon's own Phil Kollar certainly tries to run me through some of these heady concepts in the Overview video above, but not fast enough to prevent me from failing spectacularly. Watch as we cover the basics of deckbuilding, make our very first Arena run and snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory.

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