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Castle Doctrine contest pays $2,902, winner gets $316

The Castle Doctrine developer Jason Rohrer is giving away $2,902 to players.

Roher announced a contest last month in which he'd reward players who stole and hoarded their earnings in the asynchronous multiplayer game ahead of its release. At its peak, more than 1,000 players participated in the contest, stealing from their fellow players and banking loot in their booby trapped houses.

"121 lucky people ended the game with at least $1,054," Rohrer writes, "which translates into at least a $1 prize for each of them. 55 people won $10 or more. 6 people won $100 or more. As a result, I will pay out $2,902 in total prize money."

The top grossing player, Aaron "ZenRose" Bleackley, will receive $316, Roher's dog defense club, which helped inspire the game, and a real world print of an in-game painting. You can see the diabolical house he built in the image above. Hop over to the contest's official results page to see the rest of the top 10 earners, their houses and their paintings.

For more, be sure to read our review for The Castle Doctrine, which reviewer Russ Pitts characterized as "a statement game."

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