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Drakengard 3 launches May 20, Collector's Edition available

Access Games' Drakengard 3, the upcoming prequel to the original Drakengard, will be released May 20 in North America exclusively on PlayStation 3 for $49.99, publisher Square Enix announced today.

A Collector's Edition of the game will also be available. Square Enix is producing 5,000 units of the $79.99 package, which is being sold exclusively at the Square Enix Online Store.

The Collector's Edition includes three different pre-order bonuses; the game's Japanese box art (with the English title); a novella that comprises a series of short stories from the characters; a few pieces from Keiichi Okabe's score; a double-sided poster; a full downloadable stage in which Zero's sister, One, is playable; a costume for Drakengard protagonist Caim; and a Giant Baby Hat for the in-game dragon.

The aforementioned pre-order bonuses are also available to people who pre-order the standard edition of Drakengard 3, but they're tied to certain periods of time before the game's release. Square Enix has only revealed the first add-on, which unlocks Japanese-language voice-over. People who pre-order before March 4 will receive all three; pre-ordering from March 4 to April 8 will unlock only the second and third bonuses; and those who pre-order from April 9 until May 20 will only get the third one.

You can see the first English cutscene footage from Drakengard 3 in the new trailer above.

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