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Pokemon Bank now available in North America

The Pokemon Bank app for Pokemon X/Y is now available in North America's Nintendo 3DS eShop, following delays and launches in other regions.

Pokemon Bank allows users to deposit, store and manage up to 3,000 Pokemon, including those from previous games. When used in combination with the Poke Transporter, players can move Pokemon from previous generations into Pokemon X/Y. Pokemon Bank was delayed from its Dec. 27 launch date after experiencing "service disruptions" on the Wii U and 3DS eShops. The application was pulled in Japan for similar problems.

Pokemon Bank was released in Australia, Europe and New Zealand yesterday. Although the app is a free download, it does require a subscription. Once the 30-day trial ends, users must pay $4.99 as an annual fee.

Nintendo released a detailed FAQ on how the Pokemon Bank app and the Transporter work in November of last year.

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