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Star Citizen hits $38 million in funding

Cloud Imperium's space combat and exploration sim Star Citizen recently surpassed $38 million in funding, unlocking the inhabited Cano System, founder Chris Roberts announced in an official blog post.

The four planet Cano System features an Earth-like G-Type Main Sequence Star called Carteyna. The aquatic planet, inhabited by humans for almost three hundred years, consists of large frozen landmasses in the northern hemisphere due to its planetary axis placement. Geo-engineering of the planet's atmosphere was brought to a halt after microscopic organisms in the very early phases of life were discovered in its oceans.

If the project reaches $39 million, either the Oretani System and its Tevarin Ghost World or the Kabal System and its Lost Human Colony will be introduced, pending player votes.

The project recently surpassed $37 million in funding. The achievement unlocked the stellar graveyard, a rectangular planetary nebula which is home to the Tanga System at its heart. The system features two dead planets, with the possibility of three to four additional planetary bodies.

Star Citizen hit the $35 million milestone in December, unlocking the fan-voted Drake Herald ship. It surpassed the $33 million stretch goal in November, along with the $31 million milestone in the same month, securing the RSI Orion mining platform.

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