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Loadout - Overview video

Loadout contains some of the worst guns ever included in a video game, and it's all my fault.

It also contains some of the best guns, but I haven't made any of those yet. The free-to-play PC shooter from Austin-based dev Edge of Reality gives you total control over the armament-crafting process, letting you choose every individual building block of your weapons. Oh, you made a sensible sniper rifle, with a shell-loading cartridge and recon scope? How terribly droll. My gun shoots bouncing, electrified spurs, which have proven incapable of killing anything or anyone.

Polygon's Russ Frushtick and I attempt to whip up a weapon with enhanced lethality in today's Overview, and our results are mixed. Watch as we walk you through Loadout's numerous layers of customization, which — spoiler — culminates in us developing something with less stopping power than a Super Soaker 300.

Also, fair NSFW warning: This is the goriest game I've played in a long, long time.

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