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Rift's Dream Weaver update hits Feb. 12

The latest update for Rift hits on Feb. 12, bringing with it a new crafting class called the Dream Weavers, developer Trion Worlds announced.

Update 2.6 will introduce Dream Weavers as a new class focused on crafting and creation through artisan skills and magic. Players will be able to craft keys to 15 new dimensions as well as special visual effects to be used in-game. These include object-free lighting, water, smoke, sparkles and other elemental particle effects to be placed anywhere within Rift's dimensions. Dream Weavers can also craft new kinds of equipment enhancements that offer a number of bonuses and stats buffs.

Along with this class, the update will introduce the Air Saga storyline, which will send players on a quest following a great queen on her exodus across realms and grant access to new items and rewards.

Rift launched for Steam in October of last year as free-to-play with its first 16 major updates. Additional content packs are available for purchase.

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