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Killzone: Shadow Fall patch 1.09 adds clan features, frame rate lock

The latest patch for Killzone: Shadow Fall includes a number of bug fixes as well as some new features, such as the debut of clans and an option to improve frame rate smoothness, developer Guerrilla Games announced today.

Patch 1.09, which is available now, includes the arrival of the first part of clan features for Shadow Fall, as Guerrilla said last month. Players now have the ability to manage clans within the game as well as on its website, with features such as inviting clan members to a party and viewing clan information in player cards. The patch also makes it easier for players to discover warzones in the main menu of the game's multiplayer component, and introduces the option to allow parties in Warzone games. And Guerrilla has patched out the exploit by which a flashlight increased the range of the VC30 shotgun.

On the single-player side, the patch changes the save behavior within the Shadow Fall campaign so that the game now turns every revive into a saved checkpoint. The patch also gives players the ability to lock the frame rate during the campaign at 30 frames per second, if they want to prioritize steadiness in their visual experience.

Guerrilla plans to add more clan features in future patches to the PlayStation 4 title.

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