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See planets move in Eliss Infinity's launch trailer

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Eliss Infinity, the new update to an early hit iPhone game, was released today on iOS for $2.99, and you can now watch a launch trailer to see it in action.

The original Eliss, from developer Steph Thirion, launched in March 2009 on iPhone. In the puzzle game, players combined like-colored planets into progressively larger orbs or split into smaller ones with a heavy use of multitouch input. Eliss Infinity is a universal iOS app and includes updated versions of the original game's 25 levels, as well as a new mode, Infinity, which turns the standard Eliss game into an endless score-chasing experience.

Eliss Infinity syncs progress across platforms via Game Center. According to a blog post from Thirion, Game Center achievements and other features will be added in future updates. You can check out Eliss Infinity in the iTunes App Store.