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Nexon: Splash Damage's Extraction will hit this year

Extraction, the upcoming first-person shooter from Splash Damage, will hit this year and a North America beta is coming soon, Nexon America CEO Min Kim told Polygon.

"The original plan, when it was going to be self-published, was that it was going to be out at the end of last year," Kim said. "With Nexon as publisher it will be out this year."

Kim first heard about Splash Damage's upcoming free-to-play shooter last summer during a meeting at the South Korean game convention G-Star.

Kim said Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood was meeting with Nexon to discuss whether the company could help publish the game in Asia. The plan initially had Splash Damage self-publishing the game, but Kim said after hearing the pitch  a free-to-play shooter that was the spiritual successor to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory — he wanted Nexon to publish the game everywhere.

"I stalked [Wedgwood] for months, trying to tell him the value we could create with Nexon," Kim said. "I saw him in 12 cities in 12 months, trying to sell him on the vision we had for the game."

Eventually, Nexon and Kim landed the deal. They signed the agreement at the Korean Demilitarized Zone, Kim said.

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