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Chris Remo leaves Double Fine for Campo Santo

Video game designer and composer Chris Remo has left his position as community manager at Double Fine Productions for Campo Santo Studios, according to tweets from both Remo and Campo Santo.

Remo announced he was leaving Double Fine late yesterday for Campo Santo, which was formed last September by Mark of the Ninja lead designer Nels Anderson, former Telltale Games creative director and designer Jake Rodkin, designer and writer Sean Vanaman and artist Olly Moss.

Remo began his industry career writing for the website Adventure Gamers and running the Idle Thumbs website and podcast. He served as editor-in-chief at both Shacknews and Gamasutra, at the latter of which he became editor-at-large.

In 2010, Remo moved to Irrational Games and served as the company's community manager for two years before returning to San Francisco to revive the Idle Thumbs podcast. As part of a Kickstarter campaign for the podcast, Remo composed the soundtrack to the game campaign backers would receive, Thirty Flights of Loving. In 2012, Remo joined Double Fine, where he co-wrote The Cave alongside Ron Gilbert and designed and composed for Amnesia Fortnight title Spacebase DF-9. Remo also composed the soundtrack for The Fullbright Company's Gone Home.

Campo Santo has been mum on its debut title, which is being developed in collaboration with Portland-based Mac utility software creator and design studio Panic Inc.

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