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Rebellion brings MoonBase Commander back to PC for $5.99

Cult-classic turn-based strategy game MoonBase Commander is once again available on Windows PC, thanks to Rebellion Developments, the studio announced today.

MoonBase Commander was released to critical acclaim by Infogrames (later Atari) in 2002, but didn't achieve sales success at the time. The title was developed by Humongous Entertainment, a subsidiary of Infogrames, and Rebellion acquired the MoonBase Commander intellectual property during an Atari bankruptcy auction last summer.

"[MoonBase Commander] was one of our first priorities at the Atari auction. We're big fans of the game — it's a classic example of simple, elegant design and its [sic] aged so well. Our main priority was getting Steam support sorted and show [sic] to a whole new generation of PC gamers," said Jason Kingsley, CEO and creative director of Rebellion, in a press release today.

Kingsley also teased new MoonBase Commander games, and implied that Rebellion would likely release them on mobile devices. "There's been a real renaissance in turn-based strategy recently, driven by the explosion in mobile gaming. It's something we can't ignore," he said.

The updated version of MoonBase Commander includes a single-player campaign, a customizable skirmish mode, a map editor and multiplayer support over LAN. It works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. Interested parties can buy it through Steam or Rebellion's online store for £4.99 in the U.K. and $5.99 in North America.

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