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Transformers Universe trailer is all speed and robot carnage

Jagex Games Studio shared a new trailer today for its in-development free-to-play browser game Transformers Universe showing the Autobots and Decepticons' war in action.

The trailer above is just a taste of what players can expect from Jagex's take on Transformers, which the studio is touting as a massive online tactical action title. The studio notes that updates on the game's production will be more frequent moving forward, with a beta phase coming soon. Interested participants can sign up for the beta through the Transformers Universe website.

Jagex was mostly quiet last year on the game's development. Last June, the company — which also runs the Runescape series – laid off 13 members of the Transformers Universe team as the company moved development onto an outside engine from its in-house Runetek engine. Back in Dec. 2012, Jagex scrapped its initial plans to make Universe a massive multiplayer online game for an approach more closely resembling that of a massive online battle arena.

Transformers Universe is currently slated to launch this summer.

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