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Digital photo frame turns animations into hangable art

The Game Frame, a digital photo frame currently seeking funds on Kickstarter, turns pixels into moving art using LED lights and an SD card.

The frame is made of 256 LEDs squared off to form a grid. It plays images and animations stored on the SD card automatically; users can set art in whatever order they wish. In addition to 40 animations created by the pixel art collective known as eBoy, the Game Frame also includes a clone of arcade game Breakout.

Game Frame has already passed its $15,000 goal with more than $28,000 raised. Backers can donate in tiers ranging from $10 to $380. Those who donate on the $210 level will receive the complete Game Frame, while incomplete versions are available beginning at the $60 tier.

The campaign ends March 9. For more on Game Frame, watch the Kickstarter pitch below.

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