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Goat Simulator explores the adventurous lives of goats

Sanctum 2 developer Coffee Stain Studios' latest project, Goat Simulator, takes a step away from the first-person tower defense genre and instead ventures into more animal friendly territory.

Goat Simulator is what it sounds like — players run amok as a goat. One point is earned for eating grass, while knocking things over yields 1,000. The game features ragdoll physics, meaning its titular goat will bounce back after just about any mishap.

According to the Coffee Stain Studios, the game is part of a one-month game jam and is not its "next big IP." Speaking with Modern Farmer, however, developer Armin Ibrisagic said Goat Simulator is already more popular than any other title it's made.

Watch the video above for a look at early alpha footage.