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Just Cause 2 mod allows you to build your own community

A new mod created by Just Cause 2 Multiplayer community member Jman100 allows users to create their own buildings and more within the game's severs.

The Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod expands on the game's typically single-player adventures with an online server. According to the creator of this latest mod, Build World is a sandbox-style game mode.

"In it, players can, as a community, build their own creations using hundreds of props in a spawn menu," Jman100 wrote on JC2M's forums. "This allows the creation of anything from houses, to small towns, to whatever you can think of."

For a look at how Build World works, watch the video above. To play the mod, users can connect to Jman100's server. The Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod is available to download on its website.

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