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Kingdom Come: Deliverance adds new stretch goals

The latest updates for Warhorse Studios' Kickstarter project, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, outline new stretch goals and detail the game's horses.

Kingdom Come is an open-world role-playing game in a medieval setting. At the £800,000 mark, developers will add visual in-game fencing lessons to teach players more about the moves their characters learn. According to the update, this is because the developer is "working with top medieval martial arts experts."

"It would be a shame if their expertise does not get to shine in the game," the update reads.

At the £900,000 level, Kingdom Come will include a tournament mode that allows players to face off against opponents.The goal is to win by "authentic" medieval tournament rules.

The game's horses, as detailed by the video above, will be obedient but also smart. They won't leap from cliffs that are too high, for example, but will automatically jump over obstacles in the way. Players will be able to summon their horse with a whistle, and horses can carry extra items with their own inventory system.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was announced in December 2013; developers launched a Kickstarter campaign last month. The campaign, which ends Feb. 20, has already surpassed its £300,000 goal with more than £679,000 raised.

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