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OMG HD Zombies launching via Steam Feb. 13

OMG HD Zombies, an HD reimagining of PSP game OMG-Z, will be available for Windows PC via Steam Feb. 13, developer Laughing Jackal announced via its website.

Set after a zombie apocalypse, players are charged with clearing out hordes of the undead. In addition to updated visuals, OMG HD Zombies features 100 levels and eight different zombie classes. Players will be able to unlock medals that help increase traits such as fire power or ammo.

OMG HD Zombies also includes a Prestige mode and leaderboard multiplier for those who finish the game with a 100 percent "Platinum" standard. Players can Prestige a max of 20 times to increase their scores.

OMG HD Zombies will cost $4.99. To see the game in action, watch the trailer below.

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