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There Came an Echo headed to Xbox One next year

There Came an Echo developer Iridium has confirmed that the game is coming to Xbox One next year, but added that it likely won't differ significantly from the Windows version.

Starring Wil Wheaton, There Came an Echo is a voice-controlled real-time strategy game that raised $115,000 on Kickstarter last year. Players take on the role of a commander who uses voice commands to direct a military squad.

Iridium, whose previous game was Sequence, recently announced a deal with Intel to give the game optional RealSense Technology support, which tracks physical movement. The company decided to also create a Kinect version for Xbox One. There Came an Echo is due for release on Windows in October with an Xbox One version penciled in for 2015.

"Really, Kinect is just a microphone to us," said Iridium's Jason Wishnov in an email interview with Polygon "We use a regular headset during development, and we expect a lot of people will simply opt to use standard controls. I don't even blame them, really. The Xbox One dash voice commands are bizarrely inconsistent. Our focus remains on the PC, so in that respect, I wouldn't expect the XB1 version to be wildly different. Still, optionally raising your hand to your ear to give a command seems like something we should put in there."

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