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Betrayer exiting Early Access March 24

Blackpowder Games' first-person colonial shooter, Betrayer, will exit Steam's Early Access on March 24 and launch in full on Windows PC for $19.99, the developer announced recently.

From the former developers of FEAR and No One Lives Forever at Monolith Productions, Betrayer was revealed last August and entered Early Access few weeks later. It will be available for the Early Access price of $14.99 until its full launch later this month.

"Since shipping FEAR almost 10 years ago, we've been wanting to create a player-driven game that emphasizes exploration and discovery with minimal hand-holding," creative director Craig Hubbard said in a prepared statement. "We're ecstatic to finally get the chance."

The game is set in 1604 Virginia and features visuals that are meant to be slightly confusing for the player. According to Hubbard, the game's aesthetic takes advantage off the law of closure, where the brain uses negative space to fill out the image before it.

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