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Infamous: Second Son live-action trailer spells out its heroic credo

A short live-action trailer for Infamous: Second Son pits protagonist Delsin Rowe against armed officers of the Department of Unified Protection; But its message is slightly more lighthearted.

The trailer, titled "Enjoy your Power," continues with developer Sucker Punch Productions' original aim of creating karmic paths for players to explore for the fun of it.

Last week, animation director Billy Harper explained to Polygon how the studio worked alongside PlayStation to ensure the new PlayStation 4 controller could be used to its full potential in bringing the games "Enjoy your Power" credo to life.

"We worked really close with Sony when they were developing the controller to see how we could maximize utilizing it," Harper told us. "It's more contextual integration than we've had before and not a gimmicky sort of thing. We wanted to get the player to really enjoy their powers like the characters themselves. They're really enjoying it.

"Delsin really revels in his powers," he added. "[That] really informed a lot of what we did, and we tried to have this cohesion between everything. That's also why Delsin is the type of character that he is - he really enjoys his powers because we found that marries the player's experience to the character. Our game has always been about enjoying your powers, but now there's more of a reflection of that."

Check out our recent interview to learn about how Rowe receives the neon-based powers on display in the video above, the character named Fetch he absorbed them from and how players can use them for good or evil.

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