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Kongregate to publish Game of Thrones Ascent for mobile this year

Developer Disruptor Beam is partnering with web platform and mobile publisher Kongregate to release social game Game of Thrones Ascent for mobile devices this year, the developer announced today.

Games of Thrones Ascent, set just before the death of Jon Arryn in the novels and TV series, aims to be a story-based game, rather than a CastleVille clone. The game draws from both the HBO show and George R.R. Martin's novels. As a noble in Westeros, players pledge allegiance to a house of their choice and engage in quests to help cultivate their territories. Related content was released in tandem with the show as it aired on HBO.

Game of Thrones Ascent was announced for iOS and Android in January. Previously, Disruptor Beam partnered with Zynga to release the game via Facebook.

Speaking about the partnership, Kongregate vice president of mobile Pany Haritatos said that the company only works with "select mobile developers."

"The agility and skills of the developer team is often as important as the game itself, and Disruptor Beam certainly has these qualities," Haritatos said.

"The Kongregate platform is a community of enthusiastic and knowledgeable gamers who look for depth and quality in the games they play. The success of the web version of Game of Thrones Ascent on Kongregate has revealed the tremendous depth of content, game mechanics, replay ability and authenticity that Disruptor Beam has worked hard to enhance even more in the upcoming mobile version."