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How Hohokum's 'inspirational playlist' turned into a soundtrack

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Hohokum was designed with music in mind and an "inspirational playlist" at hand, Ricky Haggett, developer Honeyslug's designer and co-founder, revealed today on the PlayStation Blog.

The first trailer for the upcoming whimsical exploration game featured music from Scott "Tycho" Hansen. Getting the song into Hohokum proper began with a meeting.

"I met with you, Ricky, and you showed me some early test versions of the levels which used my song 'L' as the music," Tycho said in an interview with Haggett. "I was immediately stricken with how well your vision resonated with the sound. It was a very fitting use of the music and I was just honored for the opportunity to have my work associated with such a beautiful work of art."

Press play above to watch a trailer for Hohokum's Fun Fair level, under which Tycho's "L" will play. You can also listen to the song from Tycho's Soundcloud page below. Hogg revealed last month that Fun Fair is based on one of the game's earliest prototypes and takes its inspiration from Portmeirion, the quirky town in North Wales where the The Prisoner was shot.

Hohokum is headed to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita at an unannounced date, though Haggett wrote today that Honeyslug is in "the final stages of development." For more on the game, be sure to read our interview with Hogg, who told us about collecting cartoonish poo and flying virtual kites in the game.

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