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Frog Fractions developer launches $60K Kickstarter for sequel

Twinbeard Studios, the company behind the mind-boggling 2012 web game Frog Fractions, launched a Kickstarter campaign today for a sequel that is tentatively called Frog Fractions 2.

According to the Kickstarter pitch, Jim Crawford, the sole developer who makes up Berkeley, Calif.-based Twinbeard, made the original Frog Fractions in a little more than one year as a side project beyond his day job. Frog Fractions, which is still playable for free on Twinbeard's website, purported to be a simple educational Flash game but turned out to contain multitudes of ... well, we'll let you discover that for yourself if you haven't already.

Crawford's pitch for a follow-up to Frog Fractions is vague by design. "I created Frog Fractions explicitly to evoke the air of mystery that all video games held in the 1980s, before the era of endless preview coverage and official strategy guides took that feeling away from us, seemingly permanently," he said.

The sequel, which will not be called "Frog Fractions 2," will be "considerably larger in scope than Frog Fractions, containing multiple levels of secrets that will take you many play sessions to discover," said Crawford. He added that the sequel is in development on Windows PC, with Linux and Mac ports to follow. No specific release date is given for the game; instead, it and other rewards are listed as available "once the jig is up," meaning that download codes will go out "once the story is out there."

Crawford is asking for $60,000, with a variety of possibly serious, possibly facetious stretch goals such as "Rock Band microphone support."

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