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Home creator's next game is psychological romance Alone With You

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Benjamin Rivers, creator of 2012 indie horror title Home, revealed his next game today — a psychological romance adventure called Alone With You.

Rivers first dropped hints about the game at last year's Game Developers Conference, where he said he was working on a "psychological dating sim." Alone With You, like Home, is Rivers' attempt at "defying genre conventions and engaging players on a personal level" through a single-player exploration-focused campaign.

In Alone With You, players step into the shoes of the last surviving crew member of a failed terraforming project on a planet far away from Earth. As the planet begins to decay and fall apart, players will need to navigate their surroundings with only an A.I. entity for companionship. The narrative-focused title will feature a new control scheme different from Home and the protagonist is gender neutral, allowing for a multitude of romantic options for players to pursue.

Alone With You is still in development and platforms have not been announced. More details on this and release dates will be made in the coming months. Rivers will also be at the 2014 Game Developers Conference next week to share more details on Alone With You.

Rivers' Home is available for Mac and Windows PC through both Steam and Amazon, as well as for iPhone and iPad through the iTunes App Store.

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