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'Titanfall: Free the Frontier' live-action teaser is as frenetic as the game

With a blend of CG and stunt work, the teaser for the live-action Titanfall: Free the Frontier production based on Titanfall is a faithful depiction of the title's in-game action.

The trailer follows a Pilot through a battlefield as it dodges between the legs of two battling Titans while drop ships fly overhead. The Pilot calls their own Titan down and makes a running leap towards it, causing the Titan to scoop the Pilot out of the air to implant them into its cockpit — a move entirely possible in the game.

Announced earlier this week, the upcoming Titanfall: Free the Frontier content is a collaboration between Respawn Entertainment and visual effects and post production studio Playfight. The Canadian studio is creating original content based within the "vast expanse of the Titanfall universe."

Titanfall launches on Xbox One and Windows PC on March 11 in North America. It will release March 13 in Europe and Australia, and March 14 in the U.K. The Xbox 360 version hits March 25 in North America and March 28 in Europe. Be sure to read our review for more information about the title.

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