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Texas Gov. Rick Perry honored for fostering game industry growth

Samit Sarkar (he/him) is Polygon’s deputy managing editor. He has more than 15 years of experience covering video games, movies, television, and technology.

The Entertainment Software Association, the trade group representing the U.S. video game industry, presented Texas Gov. Rick Perry with an award today to honor his efforts to promote the growth of the industry in the state.

"Governor Perry has been a true champion for Texas and for our industry," said Michael D. Gallagher (above right), president of the ESA, in a press release today. "At E3 in 2008, he made a personal pitch for computer and video game companies to come to Texas. Since then, he has dedicated his passion and energy to building the state's global reputation as an innovation incubator and economic powerhouse, known for its creative community and cutting-edge businesses."

"Video game production represents Texas' trail-blazing spirit," said Gov. Perry. "Thousands of Texans are hard at work creating the next great diversion, either on a console, tablet, PC or their phones. Texas has always been home to bold innovators, and people who are eager to make a difference in the technology of the day, while creating a new vision for tomorrow."

During Gov. Perry's tenure, which began in December 2000, he has worked with the Texas legislature to encourage game studios to establish themselves in the state and invest there. The Texas Film Commission, which was founded in 1971 to promote the production of films in Texas, began focusing on video games in 2006 with a staff position dedicated to games and animation. And in 2007, the state legislature established the Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program, which provides grants to producers of movies, television shows, commercials and games. Last fall, the Texas Film Commission expanded the incentives it is offering, which include tax rebates, for the state's 2014 fiscal year.

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