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Microsoft promises 'a great experience' for Titanfall on 360

Titanfall's Xbox 360 version, in development at Austin-based developer Bluepoint Games, has been a relative no-show at press events and in game trailers — a concerning fact, considering its imminent launch on March 25.

The 360 version of the robotic first-person shooter was absent from last night's launch festivities at Titanfall's SXSW event, but Xbox Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Yusuf Mehdi says the title is shaping up quite well. It needs to, he explained, because of the 360's global reach; Microsoft's last-gen console is available in many more markets than its current-gen counterpart.

"I think we struck the right balance — it was Respawn, really, and the developer who struck the balance — which is, it will play great on Xbox 360," Mehdi told Polygon in an interview during the event. "Believe me, we are thrilled about it. Xbox 360 is in, obviously, all the markets including the top 13 with Xbox One; we're in 48-plus markets for [Xbox 360]. For many markets, that will be the game. So, we've worked together to have that be a first-class experience.

"At the same time, on Xbox One you can get some of those extra features that set it apart, and there will be people who want to do that, and there will be enough encouragement to go — but it will be a great experience on Xbox 360," Mehdi added.

Titanfall's Xbox 360 version was delayed last month; it was originally slated to launch alongside the Xbox One and PC versions of the game, but was pushed back to March 25 to give Bluepoint "the time they need to put the finishing touches on the current-gen version of the game," according to EA executive vice president Patrick Söderlund.

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