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Titanfall - Overview video

It is very difficult to talk and parkour at the same time.

That's the hard lesson I learned in today's Overview of the retail version of Titanfall — which will looks suspiciously familiar to our Overview of the new shooter's beta. If you watched that particular video, you probably already understand the broad strokes: You can ride around in sleek robo-whips, double jump through the air like a demented Simon Belmont and ... well, shoot people. Frequently you'll do at least two of those things at the same time; good luck also describing the game while you do so. (You can't, don't try, you'll probably hurt yourself.)

So, for today's Overview, Justin and I emit a series of grunts and half-sentences to show you the things we couldn't show you in the beta video — things like thrilling deep dives into user interfaces. You thought jetpacks were exciting? You ain't seen nothing yet.