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Dress like a samurai and other Final Fantasy heroes in Lightning Returns

More downloadable costumes are available for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 today, giving players the option to dress the titular heroine as classic Final Fantasy heroes and embellished samurai garb, Square Enix announced today.

For $9.99, players can pick up the Final Fantasy Legends pack, which includes outfits from three past series characters: Yuna's sphere hunter garb with Tidus' iconic blue Brotherhood sword from Final Fantasy 10-2; Cloud's SOLDIER 1st Class uniform and Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7; and the pink dress and staff of Aerith Gainsborough, also from Final Fantasy 7. The Cloud and Aerith outfits were both previously only available through pre-ordering the title through Amazon or GameStop and the Square Enix Online Store, respectively.

The Sohei Savior garb is a samurai twist on the default Savior garb and includes a built-in Regen ability that will help Lightning recover health. The Shogun garb, like that of the historical general it's named after, offers Lightning full head-to-toe protection and also helps hasten refill of the ATB gauge. Both costumes are available separately for $2.99 each.

Players can also purchase all seven samurai-inspired garbs — Art of War, Dark Samurai, Flower of Battle, Shining Prince, Shogun, Sohei Savior and Utsusemi — in a bundle for $9.99. All other garbs are available for $2.99 each.

Previously released DLC for Lightning Returns include schemata featuring a dress covered in Moogles and an outfit based on Lara Croft's from the Tomb Raider reboot. Check out Polygon's review of the game for more details on how these outfits are used in battle.

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