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SuperTrip bringing augmented reality exploration to Kickstarter March 13

SuperTrip, an augmented reality game that uses a mobile device's GPS and camera to orient players in the real world and lead them to destinations, is set to launch on Kickstarter March 13.

If funded, Developer 11:11 Studios will ship SuperTrip with two modes. In AdventureTrip, players can specify the number of destinations, the maximum distance and skill level. CompetitiveTrip will split players into teams that race to destinations. The first team to reach every destination wins. The developer is also planning two expansions. In RoadTrip, players set an endpoint and the game creates destinations along the way. In WorldTrip, destinations are worldwide.

The developer hopes to raise $5,000 for a July 2014 release on Android and iOS. Funds will be split between development costs, creating "a fancy EULA worked out so that you all can go super tripping safely" and acquiring devices to develop and test on.

According to a YouTube video from the developer, SuperTrip has its roots in childhood adventures spent exploring abandoned warehouses, "haunted" woods and the streets of Cincinnati. You can check out SuperTrip's placeholder page on Kickstarter to learn more and a gallery of screenshots above.

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