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Phosfiend Systems releasing musical exploration game Fract OSC in April


Fract OSC, Phosfiend Systems' first-person exploration game, will launch in April for Window PC and Mac, the developer announced today.

The game will be available to purchase from digital distribution platforms such as the developer's own the official Fract OSC store, Steam, GOG and the Humble Store.

The musical exploration game contains no action or violence and features a large puzzle element. As players explore an environment populated by abstract structures, they create music and discover new pathways by interacting with the abandoned monuments and mechanical contraptions. Players can use three different synths - bass, pad and lead - to solve puzzles and influence the environment.

"We've got this really powerful synth engine running under the hood of the game, and as the player progresses, they're kind of solving these abstract puzzles and fixing these old, derelict machines and structures in a forgotten space," Phosfiend's Richard Flanagan previously told Polygon. "Progressively, you start to unlock certain elements to synthesizers, so you start to change the sounds of the spaces in these puzzles."

The Montreal-based studio was the winner of the Independent Games Festival's 2011 award for Best Student Game for Fract OSC. For more information about the title's gameplay, be sure to read our interview with Quynh Nguyen and Flanagan. You can check out the musical puzzle game in action in the latest video below.

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