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Ubisoft vet launching 'hardcore platformer' Cubit on EU 3DS eShop

Developer CoderChild, founded by 11-year Ubisoft veteran David Márquez, will launch action platformer Cubit: The Hardcore Platformer Robot on the European Nintendo 3DS eShop tomorrow.

According to an announcement sent to Polygon, Cubit is "one of the hardest games you will find on the Nintendo eShop — hard but rewarding." The European version features redesigned controls from the North American version, which launched last December.

The title features a non-linear level system which CoderChild compares to that of 1986 Sega arcade title OutRun. Obstacles are built around the background music; players will have to maneuver through stages in synchronization with the music.

Cubit was developed solo by Márquez and is the first self-published title from CoderChild. The developer's previous games include 3DS eShop puzzle title Dress to Play: Magic Bubbles.

Cubit will launch tomorrow, March 13 on the European 3DS eShop for €2.99.

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