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End of Nations dev announces real-time strategy game Grey Goo

Petroglyph Games, the creator of games such as End of Nations and Battle for Graxia, will release a new real-time strategy game called Grey Goo.

Grey Goo is set five centuries after humans have departed from Earth, where three factions — humans, Beta and Goo — are fighting for control of a "rocky oasis." The game will feature a tiered menu system, base building and resource harvesting. Players take control of one of the three factions, which offer varying abilities. According to the game's website, Grey Goo is rooted in "classic strategy mechanics."

"Utilizing traditional base building as its core, the game aims to reinvent the modern standard of RTS gaming by placing emphasis on tactics over micro-management," the website reads. "By freeing players from having to issue hundreds of orders in a match, each decision is made more valuable and can mean the difference between victory and defeat."

Speaking with PC Gamer, lead designer Andrew Zoboki, "synergy" between the game's base-building, economic control and unit production plays a large role.

"When you're focusing on combat, we don't want you to have to snap the screen back and forth for unit production," Zoboki said.

Grey Goo will offer online play, as well as competitive leaderboards, skill-based matchmaking and ranked and unranked matches. The game is being published by Grey Box, a private company that "wants to remain anonymous," spokesperson Matt Ballesteros told PC Gamer. Petroglyph is also working with Weta Workshop, best known for its work on Lord of the Rings and District 9, on the game's look.

For more on Grey Goo, check out the teaser trailer below. The game is slated for release this fall via Steam.

Previously, Petroglyph Games was working on massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game End of Nations. However, development was shifted to Trion Worlds for completion in 2012. Last year, the developer's MOBA Battle for Graxia shut down shortly after its launch.