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Nvidia debuts Battery Boost in new GTX 800M GPUs to improve laptop battery life

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Nvidia's latest line of laptop graphics chips is the GeForce GTX 800M series, which includes new technology that's designed to increase laptop gaming battery life while maintaining performance, the company announced today.

Dubbed Battery Boost, the technology can give laptop users as much as double the battery life while gaming, according to Nvidia. Once the player sets a target frame rate for a particular game, Battery Boost automatically manages the laptop's CPU, GPU and RAM in real time to maximize power efficiency. Battery Boost-equipped graphics chips ratchet up power usage in demanding sections of a game and tone it down in lower-intensity segments.

Nvidia's new GTX 800M chips, which are available as of today, also include improvements in performance, as usual — according to the company, the 800M series GPUs offer performance leaps of between 15 percent and 60 percent. And the new chips also support Nvidia's ShadowPlay and GameStream. ShadowPlay, which debuted last year in Nvidia's desktop GPUs, lets players capture and livestream gameplay footage, while GameStream allows for streaming to devices like the Nvidia Shield handheld.

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