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Android-exclusive Rage of the Immortals launches March 13

GREE will launch Rage of the Immortals tomorrow, a role-playing battle game hybrid exclusive to Android devices that allows players to build a squad of fighters, level them up, and take them into player-versus-player battles.

In the world of Rage of the Immortals, players must fight an evil organization that is kidnapping fighters from around the world and harvesting their abilities. Forming their own posse, players recruit free fighters into their squad and, from this squad, take six fighters with them into battles against the offending organization.

The game has a single-player campaign where players are pitted against the evil Hyperion organization's minions, and a PVP mode where players can battle other players. Aside from being stats-driven, the game also has an elemental rock-paper-scissors mechanic, so if the opponent's squad consists primarily of fire element characters, the player will have the advantage if their team has water element fighters.

Each player also has a home base where they can generate resources that can be used to buy items, train their fighters to improve their stats and perform fusions (where two fighters of the same kind merge to create an even more powerful fighter).

The game will be supported by new missions and quests, live events and new zones after launch.

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