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Space Hulk releases the Space Wolves on PC, Mac and iOS

Warhammer 40,000-based strategy game Space Hulk is introducing 11 new playable characters in its latest downloadable content pack, the Space Wolves Expansion.

The new pack features a three-mission campaign, the Fangs of Fenris, alongside new Space Wolves terminators that can be selected for all previously available missions to fight off the alien Genestealers. In Warhammer lore, Space Wolves were one of the 20 original Space Marine legions. A sub-group of Space Wolves would go on to suffer from mutations.

Danish developer Full Control released the DLC this week for Windows PC, Mac and Linux, in conjunction with a Steam sale for the original Space Hulk release.

Space Hulk was announced in 2012 before eventually launching on Windows PC, Mac and iOS devices. The game allows one player to control a team of space marines that crawl through the narrow passageways of a derelict spaceship, while another player controls the "Genestealers," a race of deadly humanoid aliens.

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