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Among the Sleep teaser trailer hints at what lurks in the dark


Norwegian developer Krillbite Studio released its second teaser trailer for the successfully Kickstarter-funded first-person horror game Among the Sleep.

The teaser video, which you can watch above, offers a glimpse at the run-and-hide gameplay from the perspective of the two-year-old protagonist. At just over a minute in length, the footage introduces some of the subtle but still nightmare-like imagery, including doors shutting on their own and eerie noises in the dark. You can also get an idea of what it's like to maneuver through the seemingly haunted house as a toddler.

The first-person horror game takes place in the "borderland between dream and reality" where players encounter physical and mental obstacles as a toddler exploring a house after being put to bed, according to its developer. Krillbite Studio is targeting an early spring 2014 launch window on Windows PC and Mac.