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Amazon's AppStream cloud streaming available to all interested devs


AppStream, Amazon's app streaming service, is now "available to all interested developers," according to a post on the Amazon Web Services Blog.

Announced last November, AppStream uses Amazon Web Services to stream apps and games from the cloud to devices. It allows users, for example, to stream content without downloading a full app.

Check out the video above to see Halldor Fannar, chief technology officer of Eve Online developer CCP Games, explain why he believes AppStream can make the traditional download model obsolete. Amazon's Jeff Barr also explored how it might help Eve Online's interface in a blog post in late January.

Developers can learn more about the service on Amazon's Web Services Blog and try out a sample streaming application.

Amazon, which makes a line of Android-powered Kindle tablets, has long been rumored to unveil an Android-powered set-top box that could bring gaming into living rooms. That rumored box wouldn't be the company's first foray into gaming. Amazon Game Studios released its first video game, Living Classics, in August 2012. Halo novelist Eric Nylund joined the developer as its director of narrative design last year. Earlier this year, Amazon acquired Double Helix Games, developer of Killer Instinct and Strider.

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