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This Oculus Rift gun peripheral will make your FPS experience even more real


Los Angeles-based product developer Chris Gallizzi has developed an early prototype for a gun peripheral to be used alongside the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

A video uploaded by Gallizzi shows early footage of the gun peripheral, said to offer independent tracking for first-person shooters with the headset.

"This is an early body build that was 3d printed and using a pre-alpha script to send data via bluetooth," reads a statement from the developer's YouTube page. "We visited a local Play N' Trade to see what the store owner thought and let the public give us feedback on the gun and functionality."

The team behind the peripheral aims to have a finished model ready for the release of the consumer version of the Oculus Rift. You can check out the prototype so far in the video above.

Gallizzi is known for his work developing unofficial implementations for official hardware and software. Earlier this year, Gallizzi successfully brought Oculus Rift support to Elder Scrolls Online, which introduced the ability to navigate the environment and engage in combat using the VR headset.

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